Atoms for Peace – Ingenue: Official Video

Wayne McGregor & Thom Yorke at the double!

Not content with  collaborating on Radiohead’s Lotus Flower video, Thom Yorke and Wayne McGregor are at it again for Yorke’s new offshoot band Atoms for Peace.

Clearly having gained confidence from the hat twirling extravaganza of Lotus Flower, Yorke blithely undertakes a duet with Random Dance’s Fukiko Takase for new song Ingenue. Well, a trio if you include the ponytail. McGregor allows him a more rounded vocabulary this time and, truth be told, he looks pretty comfortable despite the rather itchy-looking suit.

That’s one solo and a duet so far for Yorke. The only way from here is a McGregor-choreographed Swan Lake with full corps. And new music from Jonny Greenwood, obviously.

Gerard Davis

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