Preview: West Side Story: New Wimbledon Theatre, London, 19-30 November 2013

Never ending story

The male cast of West Side Story discover the joys of an electric stage.

The male cast of West Side Story get a fright when they see a mouse on the stage.

Just a few months ago, Joey McKneely’s production of West Side Story took London’s Sadler’s Wells by storm. Now, from 19-30 November 2013, it’s coming to the New Wimbledon Theatre with a heart full of energy and a great cast.

Playing the lead role of Tony is Louis Maskell and he thinks much of the show’s success is down to the integrity of the production. ‘It focuses fully on the material, not on frills and added extras’ he says. ‘It’s raw and sparse which lends itself perfectly to what the piece is all about.’

West Side Story is renowned for Jerome Robbins’ astonishing choreography which has been carefully kept intact by McKneely, Robbins’ former assistant. ‘Joey’s a very passionate being and the process of learning with him has taught me to trust my instincts.’ remarks Maskell. ‘My favourite piece of choreography would have to be the Prologue! It smacks you in the face and immerses you in the story immediately! It’s so unbelievably exciting and I never get tired of it.’

Maskell is relishing the role of Tony. ‘I’d love to be living in his world night after night’ he laughs. ‘Being a Jet is amazing!’

Tickets and more info for West Side Story can be found on the New Wimbledon Theatre website.

Gerard Davis

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