Preview Feature: junk ensemble – The Falling Song: UK Tour, 6 March – 1 April 2014

Not Falling Around

There's always some brioght spark trying to disprove Newton's theory. junk ensemble' The Falling Song. Photo by Fionn McCann

There’s always some bright spark trying to disprove Newton’s theory. junk ensemble’s The Falling Song. Photo by Fionn McCann

Flying is fun. Falling is dangerous. junk ensemble have taken a good look at the relationship between the two motion states and created a brand new work The Falling Song that’s currently touring the UK.

Featuring four high quality dancers, Omar Gordon, Carl Harrison, Eddie Kay and Jesse Kovarsky (who’ve worked with the likes of DV8 and Punchdrunk), live music from Denis Clohessy and a local children’s choir unique to each venue, The Falling Song also boasts an elaborate set of ladders, ropes and hundreds of apples.

Based in Dublin, junk ensemble is the brainchild of twin sisters Jessica and Megan Kennedy. “The Falling Song explores masculinity in a highly physical way and shows us the violence, vulnerability and self-destruction we all have inside us.” says Jessica. “The piece is about falling – falling from grace, falling into and out of love and falling from great heights from the towering ladders in the set. There’s also failure in the piece; failed attempts at flying and failed relationships.”

Megan Kennedy & Jessica Kennedy. Photo by Ted Jones

Megan Kennedy & Jessica Kennedy. Photo by Ted Jones

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Megan explains: “We’d been interested in using a children’s choir for a long time and for this production the choir juxtaposes the dark subject matter we’re exploring. They bring a beautiful brightness and innocence to the stage and flit in and out of the cast’s choreography.”

Although junk ensemble were Artists in Residence at Tate Britain in 2012 this is the company’s first UK tour. “We’ve wanted to perform in the UK for quite a while.” reveals Megan. “The opportunity to travel to such a variety of cities and venues and work with a new choir in each place is extraordinary.”

Performances run until 1 April 2014 and take in Laban, London (11 March), Bournemouth (13 March), Jersey (20 March), Winchester (25 March), Birmingham mac (27 March) and Woking (1 April). Tickets can be found on the junk ensemble website.

Gerard Davis

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