Dance Film: Zeynep Dagli – experience dans une grotte

Going underground

You’d think that the visual integrity of dance would make an ideal subject for film yet for years many have struggled to capture the feel of live performance. Of course, another option is to create something specially for film but even here there seem to have been very few successful results – Wim Wenders’ Pina and Edouard Lock’s Amelia spring to mind as arguably the best.

Film-maker Zeynep Dagli’s expérience dans une grotte (experience in a cave) fits into the latter category. It’s stark and unforgiving but beautifully filmed and suggests a kind of prison of the mind. The mystical drone of Pascale Darchy and Neil Robinson’s music is just as claustrophobically intense and the solo performance by Ymá de Almeida focuses primarily on the minutiae of bodily inflection. It’s something that needs to be seen up-close so here, have a look for yourself:

Gerard Davis

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