iD – Cirque Éloize: Peacock Theatre, London, 21 September 2016

Oops upside your head

Flippin' good. Cirque Eloize in iD. Photo by Valerie Remise

Flippin’ good. Cirque Eloize in iD. Photo by Valerie Remise

As with just about any modern circus show, iD features certain key disciplines. Aerial Hoop? Check. Chinese Pole? Check. Hand Balancing? Check. There are however several things that make Montreal-based Cirque Éloize stand out from the super-slick Big Top crowd:

  1. They’re bloody good at what they do. Without exception. Well, the judgement’s out on Jon Larrucea’s in-line skating but that’s purely because he wasn’t given much of a chance in the spotlight. Jean-Philippe Deltell on the other hand had plenty of time to make an impression and he took it with both arms swinging – his stunning juggling was imaginatively choreographed and perfectly executed.
  2. There were some creative additions to the usual acts. Thibaut Philippe skipping was something I won’t forget in a hurry. He was on his bike at the time.
  3. There was some excellent hip-hop on display from just about everyone.
  4. The finale was mind-bendingly brilliant. I’ve never heard of a Trampowall before but I really want one at the bottom of my block of flats – it’ll make it so much easier to get to my front door on the second floor.
  5. The energy of the cast was magnificent, as was their charisma and delivery.

iD had its flaws – the second half didn’t quite live up to the excitement of the first and the constant tough-guy posturing was crass – but this was a hugely entertaining show performed with extraordinary quality. So glad I went.

iD runs at the Peacock Theatre until Saturday 8 October 2016. The best place to get tickets is the Sadler’s Wells website.

Gerard Davis

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